Email Support

All sites hosted by Artopa include email accounts for your domain. You can setup your computer and phone to access your email or your can use a webmail program to access your account through a web browser.

Setting up your computer to access your account

How you setup a new account will depend on which program you use for email. When setting up an account use the following information:

  • Username - Your full email address
  • Password - The password provided by your site administrator or Artopa
  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - Enter
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - Enter Please note that some ISPs may not let you send outgoing mail with another SMTP, in which case you should use your ISP settings. Also, some ISPs (GWI for one) block the default port 25 and you will need to set the port to 26.

Please contact Artopa is you need more information to setup your account.

Accessing your email accounts with webmail

You can read your email online using Horde, or SquirrelMail. All of these popular web mail applications allow you to read your email, save them, keep an address book, and perform all of the other basic email functions. The main difference between webmail and an offline email applications, such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook Express, is that all of these functions are performed on the web server, rather than on your own computer. While offline applications generally provide more features, webmail offers you the convenience of checking you email where every you have access to the internet.

Webmail is completely optional. You can still use your favorite offline email applications. You can even use both.

To access your email account from the web go to and enter your full email address and password.